Legal agreement for Drivers using GreenShuttle APP



Driverís responsibilities


- Most important is passenger and driver safety at all times around and inside vehicle

- Vehicle must be clean, free of any pet hair, stains, smoke, dirt.

- Keep all road rules, no speeding.

- Assist passengers with luggage, help them get in and out of the vehicle if needed.

- Pets must be in a crate inside the cargo area, only service dogs are allowed with the passenger.

- Drivers have to make sure that their vehicle is safe at all times and meets requirements set by the authorities.


Driver Compensation


- All drivers get 100% of the fare amount of the trips based on actual mileage registered during the trip by the GPS plus GST.

- Drivers† are responsible to submit their taxes every year to CRA including GST.

- Passengers have the option to leave tip through the APP after the ride is completed, 100% of the tip goes to the driver.

- Drivers get paid every week through their Stripe account



Using the APP


- Drivers get all trips via the GreenShuttle APP.

- Drivers can choose their hours to work by logging in and out of the APP, GreenShuttle LTD does not set any minimum requirements in terms of hours or accepted trips.

- Every trip request will show the following information to the drivers so they can decide whether they accept the trip or not: passenger pick up location, drop off location and total amount of the trip.

- Once a trip is accepted, drivers have no option to cancel the trip through the APP.

- In case of accident, mechanical problem with vehicle or other problem occurs after the driver. accepted the trip they have to contact support to cancel the trip and offer it to other drivers.